fishing CHARTERS

Bay and Nearshore Charters

  Bay and nearshore charters will be targeting our inshore specices such as snook, trout, redfish, snapper, sheepshead, flounder, pompano, jacks, mackerel, ladyfish and bluefish. We will be fishing the shallow grass flats, oyster bars, submerged stricter, docks and inshore reefs in and around Sarasota, Siesta key, Bradenton, Anna Maria, and Holmes beach areas.  These trips are great for everyone. We will primarily use provided live bait. Different species of fish are usually more active then others at different times of the year. I will work hard and put you in the best position to get on the most active species at that particular time of year. If you have a particular fish you would like to target let me know before hand and we will make it happen.


  These charters specifically target Tarpon and are available from May through July during the Tarpon migration. It's your opportunity to catch a fish of a lifetime as these magnificent fish can reach over 200 pounds and put on an aerial display that you will never forget. I have won multiple Tarpon Tournaments and know how to put a Tarpon in your hands. These trips are in high demand and fill up quick. These trips are for the serious anglers who are willing to be patient for their shot at the Silver King.

Tarpon Charters

  We usually fish off the clear waters of Anna Maria Island and the famous Bean Point as this is where the majority of the Tarpon congregate in the early morning.  Trips off Siesta Key beach can be arranged. I prefer to site cast with live bait as opposed to dead chumming and bottom fishing as I feel its more sporty and its worth it when you see a Tarpon inhale your bait in front of you. These trips start at day break and I will work hard to get you a Tarpon.


Gulf Charters

Gulf charters target kingfish, grouper, cobia, tripletail, bonita, sharks, and snapper. These trips are very weather dependent as I only take clients out when the seas are calm and safe. We troll for kings and grouper in the fall and spring off the beautiful waters of Sarasota, Siesta Key and Ana Maria. We anchor over reefs and hard bottom , chum heavily and fish with live and dead bait in all the water columns year around. These charters can be action packed. If the seas are not comfortable for the clients then we can easily stay closer to shore our transition into the calmer bay as needed.